To be a leading research university in region and well known internationally



  1. All academic staff in the university should be involve in the research.
  2. Optimal  management and administration of research grants.
  3. World-class research centers.
  4. Excellent partnership with public and private sectors in research and consultancy.



The research department aims to:

  1. Develop supportive environment and infrastructure for research in the university.
  2. Develop academic staff with outstanding research background.
  3. Build up an international reputation of university of science and technology as research institute.
  4. Promote and foster partnership and collaboration with local and international research bodies.
  5. Ensure that research activities are for the benefit of society and nation.



  1. Regular training of staff.
  2. Organizing research seminars.
  3. Funding research.
  4. Monitoring research.
  5. Encouraging research teams.
  6. Establishment of research centers.
  7. Evaluation of research outputs.
  8. Awards for recognizing research excellence.